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Without a chance on Gay War Games
I signed up with the Navy in the summer season following I graduated from secondary school. Soon after transforming 18 that August, I went to see the neighborhood army employers in my town. I passed all the tests with flying colours and can pick any type of college they offered. I select the oral institution in San Diego, The golden state.

After completing boot camp at Great Lakes in Illinois, and Dental School in San Diego, I was stationed on-board the ARD 30 (a sub dry dock).

Aboard that ship is where my initial actual sex-related memory of reasoning of an additional guy occurred. He was an Electric Design 2nd Course Pretty Policeman and I was an employed, E3 ranking, Dental Technician. We were not supposed to fraternize since we were of various positions. However our eyes complied with and the dreams in my head started.

He was so warm tall, lean and by the looks of his crotch, hung like a horse! He was in his thirties, nearly two times my age. He was so freaking warm! He was wed therefore was I, nevertheless, we both knew we needed more, a great deal a lot more. His partner recently gave birth to twin boys and my new partner was expecting our initial kid later in the year.

I never ever really thought of cock prior to that day, nonetheless, frantically I was mesmerized by the huge bulge in his pants. I was coldly looking at his cock! When I searched for and away from his cock, I discovered I was broken. He had seen and was grinning at me knowing that I was checking him out. My face was red hot from embarrassment. I could not hang around to leave development so I could possibly pull away to my station.

I was on-board the ARD for around 3 months before I had to take my initial task. This indicated investing the evening on the ship. I had off-base real estate being a hired married man. However tonight I needed to stay on-board and take a 4 hour shift, on watch, on the quarter deck. My shift was from 2 AM up until 6 AM. That meant the officer on duty in charged of waking me up and guaranteeing I prepared to alleviate the person just before me on-time. I didn't understand it but that Duty Policeman was him, my fantasy man.

I climbed in to my shelf around 6 PM so I was well rested for my shift. I understood that I needed my remainder because my shift would finish a hr just before development to begin the work day.

I woke-up soon prior to my alert. I didn't understand it but the Obligation Policeman would certainly concern wake me up for my shift. I lay there in my shelf half awake and half asleep ... daydreaming about Sir. I had no idea that he was concerning wake me up. I laid there in my shelf with a massive hard-on. Pulsating and considering exactly what I would do if he existed at that moment. I thought about pulling his big cock. Licking it, licking his rounds, drawing his cocks large head, drawing his cock deep in to my neck.

Unexpectedly I listened to the log cabin door open. I had actually been all alone given that no person else was on-board ship and were all off base on Liberty. I shut my eyes and laid there as if I were sleeping not knowing that was coming into the berthing quarters. I split among my eyes to see that it was being available in. Oh my God, I assumed! It couldn't be, however it was, it was Sir!

I trembled not knowing if I should stand up or simply hang around to see if he was simply passing through the cabin. I shut my eyes and made believe to be sleeping. I laid there for what felt like an eternity hanging around to listen to the forward door close permitting me understand that he left. I really did not hear the forward door open, or close. I opened up an eye and observed Sir checking out the cabin and visiting the shower room and examining to see if anybody else was in the location. After carefully inspecting the berthing and showers he was heading back to my bunk. I presumed to wake me up. My cock was still, if not additional hard as a stone!

The cabin lights were down low except for the forward bath location ... it was lights-out after 10 PM. It was, just what I called state of mind illumination.

I opened both my eyes somewhat to see if I were alone again and might climb out of my rack, hard-on and all to start getting ready for my task. When I found I saw Sir standing at the door with his right hand down in his pants massaging his cock as he watched me laying in my rack. I really did not know it however apparently my throbbing cock had actually captured his eye. He liked just what he saw. Because I was birthed with my endowment I never ever realized that my cock was over the regular criteria. Never measured until awhile later on. Sir was activated by my cock. enjoying with his fired up hard-on and definitely appreciating the view.

Time was passing and I knew I ought to be rising because it was an hour just before my obligation phone call on-deck. I closed my eyes war games and just laid there not knowing what to do. I was alarmed when I really felt a hand on my cock. Sir wished a feel and touched my throbbing cock while, so he assumed, I was still out cold in my shelf. He gay war games wished a better really feel so he put his hand under my covering and grabbed my cock under my skivvies, or boxers by today's requirements. I heard him groan as he got hold of and rubbed my cock from my rounds to the head. Assumption he liked exactly what he was really feeling. I groaned as if I were still asleep and wriggled in my rack offering him a far better feel. I really felt the blanket being took down. His hand moved off of my cock and the blanket tossed to the bottom of my shelf.

Seafarer, he shared in a loud voice, time to buy up! Begun, stand up and from your rack now sailor!

I lifted as if being awakened and leapt from my rack onto the deck of the cabin. Yes Sir! Awake Sir! And continued to rub my eyes standing there with a surging hard-on.

Sir stood there smiling and directed at my hard cock and said, presume you enjoy to see me sailor? Giggling and breathing hefty while staring at my fully exposed difficult cock.

Yes Sir! Consistently satisfied to see you Sir!

Thought so Seafarer time to obtain all set.

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If the Officer want "FUCK" 3

When Dar woke in the night they were still knotted in each other's arms, as thoroughly elaborately enlaced about each other as their tools hanging on the foot of the bed. Dar lay in a kind of numb stupor, close against the soft cozy body, staring at the lad's sleeping young face relied on him in the chilly white moonlight that was falling throughout the bed. They had disregarded to pull the drapes over the window.

They had disregarded to take any one of their clothes off. They had also still got their boots on, Dar was just lying with his unbuttoned breeches adequately pulled down to relieve his penis and enable it to go diving directly in to the boy's inviting back flow.
His drooping cock stirred at the memory.

The lad's eyes drifted open and stared into the hard gray eyes considering his face in the moonlight. He smiled. Delicately.

Dar raised his head for a kiss, the lad raised an hand to place about the back of Dar's head. Their mouths pushed. The suggestion of the boy's tongue came reluctantly jabbing in to Dar's mouth, Dar made his very own tongue gentler, to caress that reluctant tongue as it entered his mouth.
They rested up and began wordlessly to undress. Dar struggled with his upper leg length army boots and the lad jumped to it like a good Helpmate to snag them from his feet however his hands stumbled and slipped on the heel of one boot. Dar chuckled and stated in an husky and uncommonly soft voice, "Your Captain will certainly have you for it if you are so awkward pulling his boots off.".

"The Captain never ever makes us draw his boots off," the lad answered.

Dar was amazed to hear this yet it was not his business and he did not want to lead the lad on to trust what troop it was he offered in, which might mean the boy expected them to correspond or something. He simply provided the boy's extremely close-cropped head a long slow caress, feeling the velour bristle under his hand. He smiled as he did it. The lad would have been better off with simply a short back and sides like Dar had, Dar understood without asking that that admired Captain of his had actually cropped hair and the child Helpmate had actually copied his hair style.

With his boots off, he resisted shuck his breeches off his lean narrow hips, letting them drop in a heap with his t-shirt on the flooring. The lad was resting naked on the bed now, his big beautiful muscular shoulders hunched shyly. He was taking a look at the floor, not daring to check out Dar's long thin hardening cock although only a few hrs prior to it had been sunk deep in his behind, thrusting him in to orgasm.

Dar knelt down and put his practical the lad's huge soft-muscled upper legs, pushing them vulnerable to his look. Considering that they were right here for the night, not going their different means after a fast fuck in the stables, he identified to offer the lad some sluggish enjoyment. He did not believe his was the very first support the lad had picked up-- very unlikely, a huge appeal like this one, yet he thought there had not been numerous lovers and those had probably been similarly inexperienced stumbling young cubs.

He viewed in between his lean lengthy fingers on the soft muscular upper legs a large thick cock with a blue vein on the underside, expanding and hardening also as he saw. The rounds in their wrinkled darker skin hung soft and heavy under his gaze. Dar communicated and touched them, crinkling mild fingers around one to make the lad gasp and sigh and capture his large lip in his teeth. With one finger, still cupping his hand around the soft-skinned bollock, he naturally touched the erogenous area in between rounds and hole.

The boy groaned, his cock was rising: big and turgid, Dar's eyes glowed with pleasure to see him so well hung. His finger came skimming the rim of the lad's opening, back between opening and balls; he stooped his head and took the lad's huge cock in his mouth. Touching him with one hand, clutching the muscles of his thigh with the various other, he drew at the turgid difficult cock. He ran his tongue down to the base of it, lacing patterns around the thick vein with the tip of his tongue, thrusting his suckling mouth about the hard throbbing head of the tight column.

The boy rested rigid with euphoria, helpless in his hands and mouth, moaning and groaning and spreading his large muscular upper legs out to subject his cock and rounds and gap a lot more freely for Dar Vaie to play with. Dar drew on him harder, feeling his big upper leg muscles tense and his hips thrust up then he was cumming in spurts that struck the back of Dar's throat with salacious lotion, cumming with snagging hips and little screams of satisfaction. Dar gagged for a short time on the spurt of cream suddenly striking his throat, curling his tongue up as he continuouslied pull, to route the next couple of surges in to his mouth, smiling as he revelled in the salty sperm entering his mouth.

Dar permitted the softening penis go from his mouth, knelt up and rolled the lad over in the bed, quickly and effectively rolling a fresh prophylactic onto his very own hard penis, pushing his knees in between the lad's relaxed knees, lubricating his arse once again with a gentle drive of a finger that acquired a jerk from the post-orgasmic soft loosened up physical body below him.

He embeded as gently and as deep as he could manage, successfully rousing the lad to renewed pleasure in spite of his spent problem. He lay on the lad's broad back, propelling deep and mild, deep and mild in to him, up until he had gritted teeth and a last long push to that butter blonde physical body, hearing the lad moaning and when he passed a gentle hand over the lad's face it came away moist with splits of worn down pleasure.

If the Officer want "FUCK" 2

"Newly commissioned?" he asked. "Merely off off duty from your initial summer campaign?".
"Oh yes," the lad claimed, shyly transforming those blue eyes in the blushing reasonable cheeks his means. "I was provided my payment however 3 months earlier. Are ... are you a policeman as well?".

Dar laughed. "Yes my dear," he shared with that said grin that hid in the edge of his mouth guaranteeing you rare pleasure if you would permit him ride you. "I am an officer as well, just like you.".
The lad chuckled then and said, "you are not an infant Helpmate. Are you not a ... a Captain?".
"No my dear," Dar said. "I am a Commander.".

"Oh you are so youthful for a Leader!" the boy said in surprise. "You ... you need to be good if you are a Leader so youthful." His blue eyes raised to Dar's gray eyes with a shy admiration in them. Dar's desperate cock stirred in his breeches but he only smiled and transformed the subject with some inquiry regarding the set-out in the lad's troop. He appreciated hearing the boy's reluctant account of exactly what he quickly realized was the troop of a good collection of policemans in itself. The lad went on a little about his Captain, for whom he had actually acquired that sort of squashing adoration which child Helpmates will go and have on you if you permit them, although be reasonable, the man seemed like a supreme policeman of the kind Vaie looked out for to pinch off the other troops and count on in his very own command. After a while, he shared in a curiously afraid voice: "My dear, if ... if I take an area for you, will you come?" The blush went instantly hot up in his own ch
eek to his nuisance. He had actually consistently blushed simple. He muttered, "it will simply be for an evening, you comprehend.".

The lad considered his patchily blushing lean face, the extreme hungry yearning in his hard grey eyes, the slim mouth that had actually become unexpectedly soft in the hopes of a kiss. Dar Vaie slid an hand under the table and gripped it over the boy's knee, in the huge muscular tissues of the leg under the table. The lad provided a gasp and his leg opened out under the services managed tension of Dar's thin scarred fingers as if to invite Dar's hand ahead on up.
"Yes," he shared. "I will certainly come.".

Vaie was on him before the door was scarcely shut, dragging his t-shirt out his breeches, grasping strong fingers on the lad's muscular vast chest. He pressed his mouth to the rear of the lad's neck, kissing it, clutching with one practical the still soft muscular tissues that the lad had begun experiencing in his three months with the armed force. The scarred fingers of his various other hand went caressing approximately the lad's nipple which he pinched gently, feeling it harden to his touch.

The lad was moaning with arousal, softening back in Dar's strong arms, against his tough breast, powerless with wish now in his qualified hands. Dar was pulling the clasp of his sword-belt-- he was novice enough that he would enable someone-else to take his weapons off him, Dar held the tools and belt in one hand, shovelling the boy forward on stumbling feet, moving the buttons of his breeches. Considerately he slung the lad's weaponry over the footboard of the bed, he drew the fastening from his own belt while he pushed the boy adverse the bed and slung his weaponry over the boy's; the falchions and stilettos were all entangled, if anyone sprang in to strike them they would certainly be pressed to recognize whose was which saber when they visited the protection but Dar was beyond loving that.

Damnation, the boy was transforming, he was going to have to hinge on his arms and search in his charming face. Dar could not birth to push this butter blonde sweetie concerning and make him take his favor without a kiss, the boy had actually compromised enough to give Dar Vaie this for wonderful Hell's purpose. Angels of Heaven, that big physical body counting on take him in the soft muscled arms. He dragged his very own breeches reversed and fished a condom fast out of his wallet. To his embarrassment his fumbling fingers drew five or 6 of them toppling over the floor-- but the boy understood he was a slut and he had not also looked to see just what it was Dar had actually fallen. His arms were coming up around Dar, his head lifting, his soft red mouth pouting up. Dar offered a type of moan and came under his kiss.

As long, so wonderful, so tender, that very first kiss with Hanya Lein-- before he even understood his name. The lad was holding his lean tough body gently, his lips pressing gently, warmly to the slim firm mouth of the commander. Dar felt himself melting into that tender welcome of mouths, his lips parted, he moved his tongue, the lad's mouth opened up so willingly, he pushed his tongue deep into the warmth of the kiss, caressing and pushing, caressing and pushing.

A big hand had actually come brushing down his long back and had gripped on his hard-muscled buttock. Dar groaned and groaned in the kiss, drew away, driven to distraction by the squeezing of fingers on his butt. There was a little voice in his head attempting to advise him: Vaie, you are going in too deep! You will certainly lose your head-- if you are blessed, however he did not give a copper coin's affliction. The urgent requirement was driving up through him, driving the blood from his brain to his loins. With trembling fingers he took his rigid tough cock and deftly he spread out the condom onto it.

The boy was still touching his whipcord tough lean body with one huge mild hand and squeezing his buttock with the other. He lay with his broad physical body soft and unwinded back in submission, simply half undressed over the bed, his vast eyes lifted to Dar's piercing famished gaze.
Dar wrapped one lean long arm around his back. Via the thin cotton of their tee shirts, the boy felt the challenging toughness of his battle-hardened arm muscles and quivered in stimulation, his hands trembled on Dar's body. Dar had located some bowl of lubricating substance by the bedside and smeared some on one finger, he pressed it carefully concerning the sensitive rim of the boy's hole and saw his head go back with a moan, his wide shoulders loosen up down.

His hips spread in the breeches simply pulled down to the leadings of his knee higher boots. Dar knew he ought of courtesy to provide the boy a little more cheerful pleasure yet he can not keep out of him much longer, his desire was a yearning requirement, a tempting driving force, he lifted his turgid rock-hard cock and moved in to the lad with a solid long drive.

Oh! the boy groaned and clutched him close, his large hips raised towards that propelling cock and Dar's lean hips. Dar was staring intently at the head tipped back while he thrust with accelerating force into the soft muscular body laid wide open and going to him, he was groaning with longing then sweet Heaven, the lad's head came up, there were the large blue eyes under the so carefully cropped blonde hair, Dar offered a wheeze and pushed his mouth to the cozy pleasant mouth, propelling his burgeoning cock, propelling into the boy's open body, the boy was gripping him and lifting up to his propelling cock, groaning in their kiss.

Dar was groaning in to that pleasant kiss, promptly, rapidly he was cumming in a flood of exhilarated interest, he could possibly really feel the boy shaking with his very own climax, the boy's sperm was spurting in tacky jerks in between their stomachs, into their t-shirts. Dar sobbed out, snagged his visit the side away from the lad's eyes, pressed his head hard in to the boy's neck and lay still with his head pressed into the lad's muscle neck, his grey eyes shut while the boy lay gazing with that broad blue limpid look up at the ceiling over.

If the Officer want "FUCK" 1

As quickly as Dar Vaie strolled into the hotel bar he knew Hanya Lein.

Bench space teemed with the pleasurable heat of men and women discussing a draft beer and an excellent tale after work, maybe a friendly flirtation, perhaps something more genuine. They sat in comfortable groups, gold with laughter in the light of candles on the wall surfaces and the tables, some with plates of meals, others with merely a bowl of beer or wine or spirits.

Slightly above a group at his table, plainly on his own, was a big-shouldered boy, blonde and soft as butter, round blue eyes lifted briefly and lazily to view which had actually can be found in the door. Dar Vaie can tell from the set of his shoulders and back that he was another officer; an infant Helpmate! new appointed and possibly on his initial leave away from the troop. The lad's blue eyes soaked shyly apart in the intense candlelight although Dar Vaie had not looked straight at him. Yet.

Sweet Angels, will certainly you check out that now. A youthful sweetie of a Helpmate with muscular tissues still not completely solidified by the summertime campaigns and winter maneuvers, a big-shouldered lovely blushing like a virgin in a hotel bar in Iarve.

Dar strolled slowly to the bar. His elaborately decorated sword and dagger collection swung gently where they were slung low about his rangy hips against his thigh length brown army boots. He ran solid slim fingers through his red strawberry blonde hair that was cropped short at the back and sides. The edge of his thin mouth on the side away from the lad quirked in a smile, his grey eyes sparkled with enjoyment. His cock roused soft as a child bird in assumption in his breeches.

Perfect. He was tired and on the search awhile of fun and leisure after a long demanding quest from Sietter down with Trattai and Soomara into Iarve, keeping the junior officers and the men constantly under his eager grey eye. He had actually started the work of developing their current encampment and he had provided the 4 Captains all leave with each other the previous evening precisely so he can get some rest and appear alone on the prowl tonight. He did not like getting his littles stuffing facing his fellow policemans and juniors, liked to go off alone in civilian clothing and view what he could possibly find although if he located any individual worth a fast fuck while taking the juniors out for a merry night of it he never stated No

. The boy had actually virtually completed his bowl of beer. Dar stood with his weight relaxed back on one lean long leg in its thigh length brownish natural leather boot, bewaring of the edge of his eye a huge blonde beautiful turning the last couple of mouthfuls of draft beer gradually in the bottom of his dish, lingering over them in instance somebody might provide to purchase him the next one. Dar bought a whisky, a great one. The fiery kiss of it always made him catch his breath and think about his precious sibling officer Tashka el Maien and snigger a salacious laugh. He bumped the whisky back, transformed and offered the lad the eye.

Oh sweetie! The blush rose the boy's cheek like the Arven Stream in flood in the Spring. His blue eyes looked large back in to Dar Vaie's narrowed intent grey look. Dar sniggered the dirty salacious laugh in his nose and turned on his heel, going for the door close to bench which need to introduce the courtyard out back-- and the stables. At the door he paused and looked back.

The lad had stagnated from his seat. He sat there with his large hands, lightly tanned from the early summertime project, leaning on the table. His blue eyes under the head of hair cropped quite short in incredibly army design had a yearning search in them but it was evident that he was not visiting come and take a shaken support off Dar Vaie.

Damnation. He was a sweetheart. He was not visiting want to have a quick one in the stables and melt happily in to the night, to be sometimes brought to mind alone in your outdoor tents when you were out on campaign and can not indulge in anybody in the troop since they were all your juniors. He was waiting for an individual which would speak with him and head out concerning a couple of times, someone he might get to know prior to he chose a caring long-term companionship and possibly even marital relationship.

Dar Vaie turned via the back entrance of bench with a regretful pout of his slim company mouth.

Outside it was cozy and peaceful, heavy excellent health conditions for a fast push against the secure doors, hot and juicy. Dar strayed mournfully to the commodes, had a pee he did not need, staring at his already excited cock in his fingers, and invested an inordinately long period of time washing his hands.

There were others in bench obviously. Various other eyes had lifted at his entryway, had trailed languidly over his lean challenging fit body in the cotton tee shirt and breeches, the extremely polished upper leg length army boots he was wearing. Any one of them would certainly enjoy to take a relaxed panting fuck off a good-looking sex-hungry officer like himself.

Dar Vaie went back in to the bar and bought two bowls of whatever the boy was drinking. It became heavy morning meal ale, weak as rabbit piss. The fiery kiss of the whisky was still vocalizing in his mouth like Tashka el Maien's giggling. Dar carried the astonishes to the lad and sat down contrary him.
"Residence off duty, is it?" he stated with a vast cozy hungry smile.

The lad blushed once more, charmingly, as he lifted those reluctant blue eyes to the piercing gray eyes with the laugh gleaming in them in the gently tanned face of the man resting brazenly opposite him. The man was youthful yet he already had a battle-hardened air of command. His left hand was marked as if an individual had actually lowered a blade over his knuckles in the industry of battle. When he sat down he flicked the saber in his belt back with practiced convenience and a set of gloves sat in his belt all set to be broken when faced with anyone who may need teaching a course in politeness and honor. He rested lean, strong-muscled and all set for activity, his grey eyes hard and chuckling on the face of a lad with a large muscle chest and thighs.

"Um, oh, I ... am seeing my uncle and aunt," the lad stammered. "On leave from ...".
"No no, my dear," Dar claimed fast. "Do not be offering me your complete designation now," he grinned that broad cozy starving grin, that was still sharing, C'mon, let me fuck you, allow me take you quick n' easy.

The blush increased in the lad's cheek and he looked aside again. In picking up his bowl of the pathetic morning meal ale, Dar Vaie cleaned his fingers quickly against the lad's lightly tanned, huge, still soft fingers in a sort of apology. It was exactly how he was. He was well-known for an honorable slut, had actually never viewed on a man for more than a quick screw in his life. Well, other than the el Maiens however Clair el Maien was his senior so Vaie always pretended he just appreciated his military abilities and Tashka was a dull Angel of a killer who would snap his glove in your face when check out you if he thought you may give him any sort of cause to do it.

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Gay War Games

Here you ca see the New Gaywargames layout

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Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013 - Tied Up

Alexander was at the observation tower when he noticed a cute guy taking a sunbath in the corn-field. He sneaked in itself and jerked while watching the guy. Then he began to touch him all over... - Ariba Ariba

Heavy rain started. The Rebels bring their prisoner to an old factory. There they slowly take off his trousers. They make him suck and spank him well. Then they start to gang-fuck the cute boy in many different positions.

Gay War - An unexpected Visitor 3

The young prisoner is tied to the table. He has to suck his master and he gets deep-throated. Then his ass gets dildo-fucked. The helpless guy is almost crying a the pain seems unbearable. Then he gets fucked, doggy-style.

Gay War An unexpected Visitor 3

The young prisoner is tied to the table. He has to suck his master and he gets deep-throated. Then his ass gets dildo-fucked. The helpless guy is almost crying a the pain seems unbearable. Then he gets fucked, doggy-style.

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In Rebel`s Hands


Jose was on his way to his work in a fast food restaurant. When two Rebels saw the handsome guy they didn`t hesitate long. They tied him to a tree, undressed and kissed him. He had to suck them and to lick their sweaty soldier-holes.

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013 An unexpected Visitor 2


The helpless reporter finds himself tied and on a table. The horny soldier fucks him mercilessly. He told him that he would only stop if he sees his hard-on. So the reporter obeys and tries to show his pretended lust as a final act of humiliation.

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Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Live Coverage Episode: 04

he helpless reporter finds himself tied and on a table. The horny soldier fucks him mercilessly. He told him that he would only stop if he sees his hard-on. So the reporter obeys and tries to show his pretended lust as a final act of humiliation.

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013 An Unexpected Visitor Episode: 01


Standa was imprisoned for stealing a military vehicle. The soldiers walled him into a cell to teach him a lesson. Today the officer on duty got horny from the cute guy. He took him for a private session and tied, fondled and kissed his helpless prisoner.

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GayWarGames The soldier


The soldier starts to milk the young reporter. Then he commands him to jerk. He kisses him and treats him like a girl. After a while he gags him and goes for the guy's ass. What a nice piece of meat. What a good fuck.


Hannibal gets roughly fucked by his kinky customer. His hands are still tied when he has to lay down on a table before his ass gets penetrated from behind. He gets spanked and he has to suck his client. Finally he has to show him a good cum shot in order to entertain Sven. To complete the humiliation he has to catch every drop of the young masters sperm with his hands.

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013


First milked then fucked. The soldier wants his prisoner to cum for him. Then he starts to fuck the humiliated guy in different painful positions to finally shoot his load right into his face.


Josef completely obeys to the soldiers commands. He has to suck him and tries not to provoke him at all. But then the soldier brings him inside the prison camp. He gets tied to a chair and the young reporters mouth gets fucked.